Transformation 2016 - 2018 The Left was taken after my first 8 week cut. I was super strict, no cheat meals, no little snacks, just my diet. I was working out everyday for about 2hrs really pushing myself. I was on hyper-mode, sleep eat study eat workout eat rp rp rp. 🌱 It was exhausting but I learned so much about nutrition I’m forever grateful 🥦🥩✨ My cut was kinda weird because it felt more like a bulk. I wasn’t used to eating nutritious food, so finishing all my meals was a struggle. Sometimes I wanted to cut out 1 of my meals for the day but I forced myself to finish because I knew I was already at a deficit. Ultimately I did lose weight got close to what I weighed in hs but I wasn’t really satisfied. 🌱 The Right was taken recently and weight difference is like 20lbs. Now I’m just relying on balanced proportions, veggies protein carbs. I do snack sometimes and don’t feel guilty about it. And I’m Happy! I have more strength/muscle, and lil bit of shape too🍑 I’m not perfect but I love the growth I see in myself. #workandstrut (yes I was strutting hard lol)
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