Wrocław ♡ this is my lovely hometown! You can see Ostrów Tumski – Cathedral Island, the oldest part of the city and the main river Odra (Oder)(with a looot of branches. This makes a city, city of bridges, there is over 120 of them! I took this photo from one of my favourite, a suspension Grunwaldzki bridge. Name Grunwald comes from one of the biggest battles in medieval Europe in 1410! A few years ago they renovated it painting a Silesian granite with a blue colour which made a lot of us discontented, luckily the hue faded and now it looks just right :) It’s pretty cultural city too, lots of places and exhibitions to visit, some of them inside my stories :) hope you like them!
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“I love this cute town we moved to! I’ve always visited Aiken growing up and Gregg and I always talked about moving south when we could. So last year when we got the opportunity to literally move anywhere we wanted. We chose Aiken. And I couldn’t be more thrilled! The town, the people, the shops. We love it all!” Come and see why Aiken is the place to be. 📷: court_boomer
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We recently celebrated the merger between Posad and Maxwan. For this occasion we invited young talents at the interface between the city and society to share their ideas on the city of the future. What we have in common with them, is the ambition to bring about an improved version of today’s cities. Or perhaps even a new, future proof city. Their creative solutions and inspiring stories will follow here soon. How we as PosadMaxwan work towards the city of tomorrow, and who we actually are is shown in this video. Faster than you can say ‘future proof city’ (well, almost). 🏙️⁣ ⁣ #urbanism #whoarewe #cities #future #nurturingcity #knowingcity #charmingcity #poweringcity #movingcity
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The Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum, located within the resurrected Aiken Railroad Depot, is a must see when visiting Aiken, SC. This railroad became the first designed steam powered commercial railroad in the United States and was the longest railroad in the world at the time. #hiltongardeninn 📷: @visitaikensc
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