If you know me then you know I’ll do just about anything for a free shirt. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I received my 80DO shirt in the mail today! I have never worked so hard in my life, but it wasn’t just for the shirt- it was for ME! I also started phase 2 of my second round today. It’s never too late to do something good for YOU. If you are interested in starting your health and fitness journey then I would love to help!
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⭐️Move of the Day⭐️ Rope training. It’s a fav of mine. This was part of our circuit training today. Rope slams. Rope snakes. Jumping jacks with the rope. And not pictured was 1 arm kettle bell swings from squat position (other team mates did a dead lift 1 arm kettle bell swing). 15 of each x 8 rounds. My deltoids are toast. Can’t wait to do it again 😎. #ropeworkout #ropetraining #operationnewae #momswhoworkout
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ITS A COMPLETE HONOR!! Becoming a partner of the ACBHOF and to see Atlantic City painted with our graphics for the 2018 Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame is a dream come true. To be sitting in the Boxing Hall of Fame with Evander Holyfield, President of United States Donald Trump and President of the ACBHOF Ray McCline not only that but to be surrounded by true living legends and inductees of boxings hall of fame is something very special. This will be a majical weekend!!! Jun 1- June 3rd ATLANTIC CITY BOXING HALL OF FAME INDUCTION WEEKEND GET YOUR TICKETS NOW www.fnashop.com / www,acbhof.com FIGHT NIGHT APPAREL #sharktank #fna #fightnightapparel #challengeyourlimits #jaytorres
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