Kirara reporting: Hate caps! 😾 Battersea Dogs and Cats Home said the brightly coloured claw covers could do pets more harm than good and prevent them from displaying natural behaviours. Directly gluing the covers on to individual claws means the accessories are firmly in place. In the case of cats, it means they cannot fully retract their claws. The arrival of a cat with red claw covers marked the first time charity staff had seen the fad for themselves. Vets immediately made the decision to remove the covers while the cat, called Christina, was under anaesthetic. Following the procedure, Christina was rehomed. Battersea’s head of catteries Lindsey Quinlan said: “This is the first time we’ve seen a cat come in with claw covers and we’re concerned this craze is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners. “It’s extremely cruel to inflict this sort of thing on your cat, as it stops it from displaying its natural behaviour.” Not fashion items’ She added: “It’s worrying claw covers for both cats and dogs can be so easily sought from the internet. Pets are not fashion items – we want to spread the message claw covers are unnatural for both cats and dogs.” The charity is aware some owners may be less concerned about having a colour-coordinated pet and more interested in using claw covers to prevent their cat or dog scratching the furniture. Ms Quinlan said: “Anyone thinking about rehoming a cat needs to think carefully about what this means, and realise scratching is part and parcel of owning a cat. “Scratching is a natural behaviour for a cat, as it helps maintain its claws so it can effectively groom itself by using its nails as a comb. Scratching also helps a cat leave its scent to mark its territory.” Providing suitable scratching posts or horizontal scratching surfaces were, she said, suitable alternatives. #declaw #stopdeclawing #cats #pets #petsworld #petsofinstagram #catsworld #catofinstagram #neverdeclaw #houstonmissouri #mis#missourian #missouri #america #instagram #ilovecats #Unitedkingdom
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Delilah: chillaxing away from her three brothers for afternoon nap break. 😻
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Quiciera ser un gatito 👻
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Be different 👆
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