Join Rec Services and Show Me Gold for our first event of the semester! Mark those calendars or tag a fellow Redhawk Below! Food and T-shirts will be given out to students who participate while supplies last! #SEMO #CampusRec #ShowMeGold #RecServices #RedhawkFitness #SEMOsportclubs #SEMOintramurals
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Tailor a plan to fit all your fitness needs with a BroncoFit Consultation at the BRIC. BRIC members will be able to set health goals, learn about fitness programs and receive introductory exercise recommendations. Free appointments are available Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the BRIC #campusrec #campusrecreation #ourcpp #asicpp #studentlife
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|🍟-YAY|⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ It’s FRIYAY! We made it. 🤟🏼#startofsemester #campusrec #highered #fitnessjourney #transform20
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It’s never to early to start thinking about summer camp 🏊🏻☀️⚽️🖍 Check out our updated information for this years Redhawk Kids Camp! #CampusRec #SEMO #LocalCamps #RecServices
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Medball Workout 🌪⚡️ Went into the gym with no expectations & ended up having a killer workout 😎 Letting go of what I “have” to do in the gym has made ALL👏🏽THE👏🏽DIFFERENCE👏🏽 . LEG RAISES TO TOE TOUCH x12 SLAM TO HALF BURPEE x12 ROLLOUTS FORWARD // BACK x10 each way 💧4 rounds . Have a happy Friday🎉 Save this quick full body circuit and share with a friend!
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Our Outdoor Adventure Program staff enjoyed a Terra Gator adventure through False Cape State Park last weekend!
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Looking for a new challenge this semester? Want to climb Mt. Everest but don’t have the time or money? We have a perfect compromise. Every time you climb, we’ll record the number of feet that you ascend. We’ll start you at base camp and over the course of 324 climbs, you’ll reach the summit! You’ll earn bragging rights and a cool t-shirt 😉 FRIDAY JAN. 25 we’re having a climbing party to kick off everyone starting their Everest Challenge. There will be a party playlist and snacks! Come by the rockwall anytime between 2-8 p.m. to start your ascent! P.S. new climbers are welcome and encouraged to come!!
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Save the date! If you want to join an Intramural Sports team, you can find a team to call home at IM Sports Opening Day on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. at the BRIC first floor lounge! #cppcampusrec #campusrec #campusrecreation #intramurals #imsports
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