>we are ready to plan a hellava week< Be sure to grab @peacockpaper 2019 planner for yourself and your favorite person for Christmas! They make the best gifts and available in 4 covers!!! Stop in and check them out ♥️
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Sitting in my jammies on this cold winter night, planning out the week for our family! I do this EVERY Sunday along with my Business schedule. . This board is posted, mainly for the kids schedule. If Terrell & I have any major appointments its posted here too... So that everyone is clear on how the week looks for our household! Nothing Fancy! Took me 10 minutes to do!! Purchased the board over a year ago from @dollartree & post on the side of the fridge when im done! . I promise it doesn’t take nothing SUPER special to get organized about your week! Organization & Planning helps you manage time better & be more productive! . Alright Mommas! Lets get it!! Ask questions if you have any!💕 Ill be dropping videos about these Mom Hacks all week!
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I was up most of last night with momma cause I wasn't feeling good. Today is about sleeping.... . . . . . #adv#adventndar #advent #calendar #dog #dogsofinstagram #sleepy #naptime #sick #chf #oliver #oliverthepuppo
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I just pulled my newest calendar block prints. I might get them done.😋#rachelsbreadcookbook #artproject #blockprint #seasons #calendar #blockprinting #ink
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