Don’t get any closer to the box or else! (Very few July boxes added to the shop.) All purchases in the shop for July benefit @bff_pet_rescue excluding the August boxes. #oneheartcoffee (
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The good ☕️ The bad 🗑 and the ugly 🍅 We are one week away from our perfectly imperfect collaboration with Imperfect Produce!! 📆 SAVE THE DATE and join us at the Cafe next Tuesday (July 24th) from 5-7 PM! Alina Pawchareune from Imperfect Produce will be giving a talk and Q+A session about food waste and what we—as responsible consumers can do to reduce it! To do our part, we’ll be taking all those wonky 🍈 and creating a limited edition imperfectly perfect drink for you all to sip on!! #coldbrew #imperfectproduce #speakerseries 📐 by @laandkk 📸 by @belenaquinophoto
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Coffee made with love by the amazing @imeldaahalim @infotrack_au
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