The only way to truly be happy is to give without expectations🧩 • You will see the massive change when you start to make the world a better place for the world not for your own benefit 🧩 • Do you give without expecting anything?💯
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I see so many people who look forward to Friday’s and hate Monday’s. If that is the case then you need to re-evaluate what you are doing 🧩 • We work for the majority of our lives and need to love what we do in order to fully be happy🧩 • Do you live for the weekends?🧩👀
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"How to impose Peace, Happiness and Prosperity in Your Business-Part II" How to surround yourself with good people, have the right product or service, be at the right place and at the right time, have the right character and skills and Sell your Services? Principle: "All that is Visible comes from the Invisible and All that is Natural comes from the Spiritual" 1-Become yourself. 2-Have a good relationship with God. Jesus is my first great model in my Businesses. 2-Start Your morning on your knees and in prayer. 3-If you have a spouse, present your plans for the day / week / month to God together. 3-Meditate and Confess good words on your life and business in order to prepare your mind for the day, to keep your peace, joy and happiness. 4-Be very good to your employees; make a morning meeting while sharing your goal of the day; Specifically stated to each manager his mission in achieving this goal. 5-Stop considering your employees or business partners as the same. Treat them in particular ways. Develop a shareholding system on company projects. 6-Be Honest, Loving and Mastering yourself and your emotions. 7-Do not try to want to know everything; Delegate your tasks to the maximum and trust your collaborators. Contact me. God Loves Us. #impose #peace #happiness #prosperity #inspirationalquotes #business #businessman #businesswoman #businessmen #businesswomen #arabinvestors #investorswanted #entrepreneur #billionaire #billionairelife #millionaire #multimillionaire #richgirls #richboys #richladies #richwomen #richmen #luxury #luxurylife #prayer #prayers #broken #lifecoaching
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Although many people go through tough times, it’s only the bravest that reap the rewards🧩 • The good times always come around eventually and if you quit you will never know your full potential🧩 • Are you currently in a storm ⛈?🧩
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