- Even if you don't have that car, you can own that car - Even if you don't have that girl, you can get her - Even if other people lost hope in you, you can always bring that back - Even if you've failed a thousand times, you can succeed this time - Even if you're poor, you can always become rich.....IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE! .
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An Intentional Way of Working with Goals You think of this goal as an intention that you’re setting as you start out, a way to guide your direction in the current moment, not a fixed path. You don’t think of the port (the goal) as a fixed outcome that you need to hold onto tightly, but rather just a way to guide yourself right now. When you do notice yourself attached to the fantasy of your goal, you practice loosening your grip on it, and focus instead on the present moment. What action can you take right now that’s aligned with your intention? Regularly check in with yourself, “What’s the most loving act I can take right now? What action right now would be aligned with my intention? What can I appreciate about this moment?” Allow yourself to be flexible — if you’re not tightly attached to the goal, you can shift as you learn more, as you sail on your journey and understand the journey more, as you find new opportunities that might be more aligned with your deeper purpose. If/when you do arrive at your destination, stop and be present with it, appreciating your journey, appreciating where you are, without immediately turning to the next thing Enjoy, like, comment and repost 🤗 #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #personaltrainer #personalblog #personalbranding #selfworth #selfcare #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #selfacceptance #mindsetmatters #mindsetcoach #mindyourbusiness #intentionalliving #mindsetofgreatness #successmindset #successfulwomen #successes #successtip #intentions #successhabits #successdriven #successminded #successaddict #businesstip #businessadvice #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurspirit
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