Transformation Thursday! 🔥 . Check out what Amy has accomplished in 10 short weeks! She’s dropped her sugar and raised her bar!! This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see the progress she will make in the next 10 weeks! Let’s give 2 claps 👏👏 for Amy! . . . . #transformation #weightloss #inspiration #instagram #burnbootcamp #burnbootcampmiddleton
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Remember last week.. when I said I was going to ask myself three questions before eating treats? (Are you hungry? Why do you want to eat that? Will it help you reach your goal?) It’s actually working!!! . . . For the last three weeks I’ve really been focusing on foods that will help me reach my goals vs a quick fix for my inner sugar addicted stress eating monster. At times it’s been tough.. but preparing myself for success (ie meal prep and buying healthy choices) has really helped me. . . . Don’t get me wrong. The stress from my job has really put in some effort to try and knock me off my path.. but when those weak moments come and I think “whatever I don’t care - I want that” it’s quickly followed by “you will definitely care later.. walk away” who knew I had such control!? It’s a pretty amazing feeling!! . . . #progresspic #progressnotperfection #fitgirl #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #strongisbeautiful #determination #focus #youcandothis #burnbootcamp #burnbootcampmiddleton #sugaraddict #stresseater #makingprogress #consistency #macros #backatit #neversatisfied
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A week late but oh well.. last week I had a little talk with myself. I was really taking advantage of all the treats at work and it was getting a bit out of control. I realized that not only is summer approaching quickly.. I’m going to AZ mid April and need to feel somewhat comfortable in a swim suit - in my current state I do not. So to help myself resist my constant cravings I’m going to ask myself the following questions: . . “Are you hungry?” “Why do you want to eat that?” “Is eating that going to help you get to your goal?” . . I know I’m a stress eater and lately I’ve been pretty stressed out with work. I’m really hoping that by pausing before grabbing that cookie and asking myself “why” that I’ll be able to stick to my macros and start seeing progress. . . #progresspic #progressnotperfection #fitgirl #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #strongisbeautiful #burnbootcamp #burnbootcampmiddleton #strugglebus #sugaraddict #stresseater #startingover #consistency #macros #backatit #neversatisfied
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Today marks one year from my first day solo as a trainer at @burnbootcampmiddletonwi. The last year has been full of some incredible highs along with some difficult lows but at the end of the day there are no other people I would rather go through it all with! 💙 This weekend was a perfect reminder of why I do what I do, why I wake up and grind every day, why I work crazy hours at two jobs, and why it is all so so worth it! . I got to spend Friday with @tinavanderhoof and @coltonwoyak continuing to dream big about the year to come 🤩 #neversatisfied . . Saturday I got to train camps and help so many men and women work towards their goals and then I spent an evening full of laughter and good food with our incredible FMA team. That morning had two incredible moments that nearly brought me to tears: . 1) I will never forget how our 9AM camp danced with, cheered on, and just loved on an amazing young man who had his first of what I hope are many mornings at Burn Middleton. The energy and joy in the room at the end of camp was overwhelming. 2) A woman came up to me after just two days of her trial and said that her husband told her he noticed how much happier she was. She was already seeing physical results but was even more empowered by how she felt emotionally. This really hit home to me and my journey and solidified that despite the rough days, the early hours, and the speed bumps along the way - I am exactly where I am meant to be. . Thank you for the first of many incredible years Burn Boot Camp Middleton family! #dreamteam #blessed #bur#burnbootcampleton #trainer #burnbootcamp
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Started my morning off with a KILLER plyometric day at @burnbootcampmiddletonwi !! I’ll not be walking much the rest of the weekend 🤣 Time for a little rest & recovery till I ✈️ out to @burnbootcampcollierville tomorrow morning 👊 . Thanks for making me want to cry @kdwilliams_11 😥 and @ldigman03 for rocking the 🐰 hops with me! 😊 . . . . . #bur#burnbootcampmiddleton #burn #beavisonary #neversatisfied #burnathlete #saturday #fitness #medball #jump #plyometrics
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Felt good to be back at a Burn tonight! Shout out to @burnbootcampcostamesa for letting me join your arms and core workout tonight! 💙🔥 ••• #burnbootcamp #burnbootcampcostamesa #burnbootcampmiddleton #keepingfocused #compassionatelycait
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Okay - I’m really stuck in a rut guys. My sugar habits are out of control and it shows. I’ve lost a measly 3 pounds since the beginning of the year. Granted in working hard on building muscle back in my left leg (maybe one day they’ll be symmetrical 🤦🏻‍♀️😑) which will cause me to gain some weight but I gained a significant amount of weight post surgery. I know what you’re thinking. Stop looking at the scale - those numbers don’t matter! But I can’t help it sometimes. I’m just really frustrated and disappointed in myself right now. I need to find a way to get back into my old groove. Why do chocolate and cookies and donuts have to taste so good!? 🍫🍪🍩=😍 . . . #progresspic #progressnotperfection #fitgirl #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #strongisbeautiful #burnbootcamp #burnbootcampmiddleton #strugglebus #startingover #aclrecovery #backatit #neversatisfied
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Take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to this 🔥 podcast by our founder @devan.kline! . . . . . #bur#burnbootcampleton #motivation #burnbootcamp #youcan
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