Join the Arkansas Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities and ACCESS in celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month throughout March. This week the theme is "See Me As Your Coworker" and we're featuring three members of our ACCESS family, Derrick, Nathan, and Caitlynn. Derrick, Nathan, and Caitlynn are employed by ACCESS. Derrick and Nathan serve on our buildings and grounds crew and work tirelessly to help keep the ACCESS Academy and Young Adult Campus spotless among other things. Caitlynn serves as a Teacher's Aid on the ACCESS Stella Boyle Smith Early Childhood campus, where she helps to care for some of our littlest learners. Each of them play an integral role in our daily operations. But it's more than that...Derrick, Nathan, and Caitlynn speak to our mission: Helping individuals reach their individual potential and find meaning in what they do. When Derrick and Nathan were asked about why they love working at ACCESS, this is what they had to say... Derrick: When I first got this job I was nervous. My job coach at the time, Ms. Erin from Project SEARCH helped me. Not only do I love it here, I grow as a person. The wonderful people are the reason why I like it here. Nathan: I love working here because of the kids, the environment and the whole student body at ACCESS. I am very humbled to have this job and I thank God for putting me here. Each day at ACCESS, we get to work in an inclusive environment where individuals with and without developmental disabilities come together to build brighter futures. Yes, we see Derrick, Nathan, and Caitlynn as coworkers--but they're more, they're family. #DDawareness18 #ACCESS #seemeforme #community #buildawareness #ACCESSfamily
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As a child who was practically raised off fast food I'd say Wendy's Jr Bacon's and crispy chicken were the hardest to give up. What's yours?
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Sending support to all the students involved in #MyFreedomDay, who are fighting for the freedom of others who cannot fight for themselves 👊🏼 #fightmodernslavery #sendhope #standup #riseup #TOTALLYactive #buildawareness #TAL#TALA #TOTALLYempowered #TALA #TotallyTALA #getinspired #riserockrepeat
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Are you visible? People can’t buy from you, talk about you or read about you if you aren’t visible! . . Social media is wonderful for creating community and talking about who we are, but offline engagement is very significant in building visibility too! Think, networking- does someone need a guest blog post from you? Are there conferences that would be perfect for your brand to be a part of? All these things can generate visibility and lead to more opportunities to create more content.
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When you get a symptom, before you react to it with anger, frustration or fear, can you stop and just observe it? Ask yourself why is this happening? Can you just be with it? Be curious.💗 . . The more we fight and resist our body, the more the body can react with symptoms which will usually trigger us emotionally even more. And then we could end up with more symptoms. . . E-mail me at to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation today to get the support and guidance to learn how to build body awareness and honour listening to your body and finding peace within yourself. . . . . #lis#listentoyourbody #loveyourselffirst #bodylove #buildawareness #selfloverelationship #changeyourthoughts #loveyourselfnow #lifebalance #endcravings #freedomfromfood #bodyfreedom #achieveoptimalhealth #listentoyourbody #bodytrust #buildbodytrust #buildbodylove #healthynewyou #selfcare #bingeeating #foodaddiction #hormoneimbalances #buildcourage #emotionaleating #bodytransformations #bingeeatingrecovery #foodcravings #coachinglife #coachingonline #tiptuesday
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