I just had the best week with family and friends; lots of “tastings” for the wedding, eating out, drinking and snacking... but totally derailed my diet. My stomach has hurting most days, I felt bloated and tired, and even started sounding sick 🤒. . Time to hop back on #keto but I need ideas for keto-on-the-go. I’ll be in NM and TX living out of hotels for a few weeks (made sure to have a fridge and microwave) so I need stuff that i can warm up in the microwave and eat at work/traveling. . So far I am packing hard boiled eggs, no carb protein with almond milk (unsweetened), pistachios, and I’ll make a batch of bacon to add to things... but what else can I bring that is #ketofriendly ? . Also, I plan on doing a little grocery shopping to keep it #budgetfriendly and will take a cooler as well. No eating out or grabbing something quick; I want to plan it all, even down to my snacks. . . . #bs2 #babystep2 #dietonabudget #ketoweightloss #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #ontheroad #weightlossjourney #financialfreedom #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeisthenewsexy #ketorecipes
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Getting to style your besties house is fun. I’m using all #budgetfriendly options from #ikea #target #worldmarket and of course my hand me downs 😂 I’m trying to make her house reflect her chill personality and showcase her love of traveling with photos and layering textures for a more “collected” look. She also has some cool heirlooms to incorporate in her #smallspace. . . . . . #heyhomehey #apartmenttherapy #diy #budgetdecor #ikeahacks #ikeaforthewin #worldly #eclectic
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He’s crushed an average of 280 hrs of OT annually over the last 3 years. Although our journey just started last year, he has always done what is necessary to bring in as much income as he could. Getting out of bed at 4 AM for work on Sundays, tending to his health to be sure he’s strong enough to work a physical job-all things I greatly appreciate him for. That being said, thanks to his OT, the budget session is in full swing and I’m crunching away at our numbers today. Update soon!
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Do you know we also have vintage luggage to incorporate to your event 😍 Perfect for a photo display, card & gifts, favor holder, or even a cute water station!! #eventstyling #eventrentals #weddingdecor #farmingtonnm #durangoco #fourcorners #budgetfriendly #shabbychic
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Life is better when you’re out in the middle of nature with some of your best pals. 🌲🌄Breathing in that fresh air, a camp fire roaring, and the beauty of the earth around us are the moments we want more of. Patiently waiting for our next adventure with Carol. - K&J ✌🏼🚌
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