So I heard it’s National Let’s Laugh Day and I thought to myself that this day was pretty much made for me and it’s a good time to do a quick introduction. I’m Kelly and I laugh 99.7% of the time. Even in my elementary school yearbooks people called me Miss Laugh-a-lot. Right after we graduated high school, I know friends wanted to record my laugh so they could take it with them to college. My laugh is heartfelt, loud, silly, and I embrace it. When my husband was in boot camp (we weren’t “technically” dating yet) but he wrote in a letter that he never thought he would miss my laugh but it was the one thing he actually did miss. All of this is to show that those pictures you see of me laughing are not staged. I swear. I laugh in all situations and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad but I’m a laugher! It’s fun. And if science is correct than I’ll live probably until I’m 300 years old because of how much I smile/laugh. 😂🤗 Happy National Let’s Laugh Day! #nationalletslaughday
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8 miles on the schedule today- first 2.7 with my best girl on her bike (it's spring break!) 🚴🏼‍♀️ It's a gorgeous day, my legs are feeling good, and I'm always glad for a chance to remind her a thousand times that she can do hard things! Happy Tuesday! 🏃‍♀️ . #runhappy #keepshowingup #motherdaughterworkout #dreambig #iloverunning #teamnuun #nuunlife #hshive #honeystingerathlete #RADrabbit #borntorunfree #koalaclip #tifosioptics #rockingmotherrunners #momswhorun #motherrunner #thesemotherscanrun #runlikeamother #womensrunningcommunity #irunthisbody #bioskinfit #unitednychalf #brooksrunning #brookswomen #mckirdytrained #bishopbabes
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Is it really a balancing act? Quality sleep, notable fueling, intense training, fun with friends, solitude? I’m gonna go with “no” because today, it was a beautiful harmony of all the things. We ran our hearts out towards the big ball of a moon, catching up and cracking jokes during recovery then silencing the words during the hard efforts. One small @yon_bons gave me all I needed for the workout and I still got enough sleep last night to function in class today. I don’t like to say that I make sacrifices to make it all work. Rather, it’s more beautiful when all of the things blend together in working harmony. 🙌🏼 Fartlek fun with @tayloredtales and @cremean5 trying to become more uncomfortable in that 6-6:20 pace range. 😬 #boldfearlessjoy #brooksrunning #brookswomen #runhappy #balegaimpi2019
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