Hello lovelies! Long time no-see-hear-post! That photo’s got your attention, doesn’t it? What’s it mean? Is it a logo orrrr? Well, let’s not put the cart before the horse, shall we? – First, I’m alive and well after what I admit was a long, drawn-out rough start to 2019. BUT that’s not what I’m here to share. What I’m here for is to announce that Clever Girl will be going the way of the dinosaur (see what I did there…ehh?) in the coming weeks! #dinodna – But only because *finally* the new brand & business that I’ve been dancing around these last six months will have its grand debut! & I’m so stinking excited folks, just SO filthy ridiculously happy for it that I wanted to do something EXTRA special for its launch… – I’m keeping it super simple but here goes: – • Spring/early summer lifestyle/fam sessions: $200 (50% off!) • Weddings: Book between now & 4/08/19 & save 15% off any package • Referral Bonus (The Biggie!): If you’re part of the Clever Girl tribe & I’ve photographed your wedding – refer a friend/fam member to me & once they sign on the dotted line, you get a cool, crisp $200 bonus mailed to you from me as a token of my gratitude! – Tl;dr new biz coming! Bonuses for past & future clients. Just click the link in my bio & sign up for my newsletter (the new site isn’t done JUST yet & we’ll need a space to chat for the time being!). If you’re looking to book a sesh now, send me a PM here & we’ll make magic happen at that ridiculously low price…;) – Lastly, thanks for hanging around & it’d be so rad if you shared this far & wide! xx _ #belovedstories #junebugweddings #greenweddingshoes #marthaweddings #liv#liveauthentic #weddingphotography #lookslikefilm #liveauthentic #bridesmaids #its#itsdarling #bri#bridebooks #forthewildlyinlove #bridebook #travelweddings #itsdarling #loveauthentic #newbrand #wildlightstories #familyphotosessions #westchesterphotographer #letsdothething
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