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For a long time I wanted to do a drawing of Brendon Urie from @panicatthedisco because I really love him and his music, so here it is. I drew for hours ‘cause I wanted it to be perfect - actually I did it twice, the first time I made a mess with the eyes ~ #art #drawing #col#colourpencil #colour #portrait #BrendonUrie #Urie #PanicAtTheDisco #BrendonUrieArt #BrendonUrieFanart #PanicAtTheDiscoArt #PanicAtTheDiscoFanart
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I NOW INTRODUCE TO YOU ALL, BREENDO URIEN. . . I think I did ok this time? I don't know tbh, and I tried to color the picture too oof and I know that Brendon doesn't actually look like that but when I tried to copy his actual skin color so to speak, Breendo Urien happened... . . . [Tags because this is the last Brendon picture I will ever trace] #bre#brendon #panicatthedisco #breendourien #brendon #vro #vrocrew #panicatthediscoart #brendonurieart #urie #idontfuckinknowanymore
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this is all i got of the stream yesterday i’m sorry 😐
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It was my sixth year of elementary school, my mom had just passed away. I felt empty, alone, scared. Sometimes I thought of just ending it all. Then an angel sent from above changed my life forever. I had found Brendon, and his music in one of the darkest times in my childhood. His music kept me going, it made me want to look forward to the life ahead of me. After a while I slowly felt the pain and sadness go away, to this day Brendon still continues to change my life. His huge heart and compassion for others inspires me, and makes me want to be a good person. Some call my love for him just a “phase” but what they don’t know it’s Brendon was my life line. The music he created gave me hope, and gave me the strength to grow and become the teenager I am today. Now I am fourteen years of age, I dance everyday, go to school, and not a day goes by where I don’t listen to panic. Without Brendon my life would’ve taken a whole different direction, a sad and unthinkable one. I wrote this not to draw attention to myself, but to thank the amazing man who saved my life. Who gave me hope. Thank you Brendon Urie, you’re truly my angel ❤️🕊 @brendonurie @zackcloudhall @sarahurie @panicatthedisco
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