I'm tired of this shit, every individual running for office needs to answer this question "What will you do to stop mass shootings in America?" If they don't have a solution that they will act on in their first year we don't want them. We don't want anyone in congress now who isn't acting, we didn't elect you to pray, we elected you for actions. Mass shootings are as American as Apple Pie, this was the 18th school shooting in just this year alone. If you have any emotions pick up the phone and call your congressman right now. #floodthelines #breakthecycle
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Perpetrators of sexual violence are less likely to go to jail or prison than other criminals. Only 6 out of every 1,000 rapists will ever be incarcerated. That means that only 0.6% of rapists will ever be put behind bars. Sources: RAINN
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#deepthoughts #byme Boys will be boys? 🤔 No. Boys are boys, yes. But boys will be what they're taught, shown, and allowed to be. Make sure you're teaching, exposing, and allowing the right things. Make sure you're loving your son, teaching him to be in touch with his feelings, teaching him to respect everyone, especially women. Do that. Break the cycle. #raisingfeminists #raisingkindkids #raisinggoodmen #toxicmasculinity #boyswillbeboys #breakthecycle #saveoursons
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#breakthecycle our children are the future ... invest now... live easy later... keep it in house... provide jobs and opportunities...
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