Breakfast for dinner! I’m leaving for a trip on Monday so trying to clear out my fridge and ended up with this and it was fab🙋🏼‍♀️ Sweet potato toast (thinly sliced and toasted in a pan with coconut oil for 4 mins or so each side) topped with eggs scrambled with quinoa and organic miso paste, then fresh basil to finish!🌱 I’ve been really into miso paste lately with its salty flavour and hit of probiotics from the fermentation! I don’t eat a lot of soy due to the estrogenic properties and because the soybean is a GMO crop in Canada, but when I do I always buy organic (besides when I get sushi because... 80/20 rule!!🍣) What are you favourite breakfast for dinner meals?!
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Another dish for my Plant-Based Korean cooking class. This one is my version of Bibimbap with brown rice, shiitake 🍄, spinach, zucchini and cucumbers from the garden, my Korean bbq tofu, grilled Japanese sweet potatoes and a spicy gochujang sauce. So happy with how this tasted. #pla#plantbasedanclass #plantgrandma #mybzlife #blu#bluezones #fortworthplantbased #chefjulia #plantbased #bluezones #mybluezonelife #brainhealthy #cookingforlongevityandhealth #wholefoodsplantbased #nop#noprocessedfood #eatlocal #foodasmedicine #dontmissthemeat #preventandreverseheartdisease #longevity #plantpowered #plantstrong #eattherainbow #eatrealfood #forksoverknives #healthycomfortfood #noprocessedfood #azleplantbasedmoai #fortworthvegan #veganfortworth #bzpfortworth
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This is one of my all time favourite quotes from one of @gabbybernstein universe has your back cards. It’s meaningful to me from a self-growth and self-understanding perspective. I’ve been doing a journaling exercise for a while now (actually since before I came across these cards!) that was recommended to me by my psychologist to help with anxiety. Basically when I notice my mood change and feel anxiety come on, to stop and notice what might have been the trigger. When you know what it is (or might be! A guess will still be helpful) then write it down so you don’t forget. When I have a few minutes to journal, I’ll write down the trigger and how it made me feel and ask myself is this a real fear? Is it something that I truly need to be afraid of? Most often the answer is no. Then I explore a few simple actions I can take NOW to help address the concern (ex. Send a quick text or call someone, spend 5 minutes looking over my study notes again, tidy up the house! etc) I always feel 100x better after this exercise. Has anyone tried this? If not, I encourage you to give it a go next time you feel that pang of anxiety or hit of fear 👍🏼💜
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Brain foods!! Decided to go a little out of the box with this post. After being diagnosed with a meningioma tumor last year and undergoing brain surgery to remove it, I spent a lot of time during inpatient rehab and recovery at home reading about foods that were specifically good for brain health. Not only are some of these foods delicious, they are also beneficial to developing and maintaining healthy brain function! I’ve been working to incorporate more of these into my diet (some I already had been eating lots of) and trying out new recipes using them. I know sometimes health issues are out of our control, but if we can do little things to improve our health and diet, then why not! I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes utilizing these foods in some of my upcoming posts! (Other brain super foods not pictured here include: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, green tea, celery, bone broth, tomatoes, beans, herbs such as rosemary and sage) #brainfood #healthyeating #eatingforrecovery #brainhealth #meningiomatumor #cookingheals #cookinghealthy #brainhealthy
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Everyday is a new day, a new reason to explore, a whole new 24 hours to just be. Our existence is precious. What meaning life has for me? What impact am I making? How did this day go? A moment to reflect as the sun goes down inside the pacific ocean to reflect on what it has observed all day long!🌞 #nbcla
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