Dreamy studio views with @nigel.clifford.dance #fanfriday
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Very important subject about COMMENTS : . A. Remember you are unique and special. It’s up to you, your parents and and teachers to realize it and to praise it. . B. Don’t be like others, but Take example from others to become stronger and kinder. . C. Take ( which is not always easy) negative comments and change it to positive. Challenge yourself to become a better version OF YOURSELF every day !!!
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👫. Recently we received so many messages about our videos and tutorials and SO happy that you find it interesting and useful . It’s great to know that we can help not only our students, but also all students around the world to improve, get stronger and avoid injuries. . . Let’s discuss today INNER THIGHS! ☝🏻This simple warm up exercise will help you to engage and to feel those special muscles 💪. They should be engaged at all times. . . What is often happening to students that, they are overworking their big thighs muscles and then by being the BIGGEST and STRONGEST muscles in our lower part of the body, they always fire up FIRST. And it’s becoming difficult to use any other muscles. . What can help is- to START SMALL AND SLOW. Do workouts to strengthen your inner thighs and gluts 🦵and when they will get stronger it can start engaging during all class and even fast exercises without you EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT. . . 🗣Please share your experience and thoughts below in your comments. May be you know another great exercise to strengthen it ? Also share it with your friends and classmates 👫 . .
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Esse jovem talento precisa de sua ajuda! Veja no link a reportagem do Paraná Noticia e ajude a tornar esse sonho realidade ✨ https://www.facebook.com/2017200185183392/posts/2367134703523270/ ⭐️ Você acredita em sonhos? Nós acreditamos e estamos fazendo o possível para mandar esse jovem talento em busca de um futuro melhor através da dança! Juntos podemos fazer a diferença 💕 Colabore e torne esse sonho realidade ✨ #alm#almabailarinaladedança #almabailarina #bal#balletlovers #maledancer #boysinballet #amamosbaet #sonhos #colabore #jovemtalento #balletlovers
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Our next teacher feature is Francois Chevennement! He has been teaching at Marr-Mac officially for 5 years, although, he has been renting our studio teaching and dancing around for over 10 years. He teaches Ballet and Pas de Deux on Monday’s, and his favourite discipline happens to also be BALLET! Outside of the dance studio you can find him gardening or working at the greenhouse! A fun fact about Francois is that he has danced and travelled all around the world, and his last adventure was to NYC over the Christmas break! You can scroll to see Francois and our very own Hannah when he used to teach the Alberta Ballet’s Nutcracker choreography back in 2006! #boysinballet #boysdancetoo #marrmac #dancedance #ballet
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