My feelings for my whole wedding day are summed up in this picture. How has it been almost 5 months already? Wild. #photobooth #boyledroskiwedding
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Eric’s hidden surprise from me in his tux pocket. #shouldhavelistened #boyledroskiwedding #robwilsonphotography
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Top 10 of my favorite wedding pictures from our gallery so far. Shout out to @emilymills1 for making this surprise happen for him/us! (I’m at least 1/4 of the way through them now @robwilkinsonphoto!) #boyledroskiwedding #dis#disneye #disney #cancersurvivor #hayleypaige #hayleypaigebride
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Day #27 (I’m letting myself break the rules and restart this week since i was sick when we got home) is this marriage I’m in! I am sure by Friday Eric’s count will be up even more but I’m just so, so thankful for him and our relationship. We are by no means perfect - far from it but our relationship is perfect for us and we both feel so lucky to have each other. I never imagined I’d really get married, health reasons aside, I didn’t think I’d meet anyone who would be my equal and I am surprised every week since we met over 3 years ago at how much Eric completes me in ways I never expected. Today I’m thankful that we can get married and have a piece of paper that shows our commitment to one another. Photo cred: @robwilkinsonphoto #thankfulnovember #biankabride #hayleypaigebride #boyledroskiwedding
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Day 1 of my remembering to be thankful month of November. These women here are truly gifts from God to me and my parents. They are nurses & doctors and took care of me as if I was their own child. Crying tears at my rampage harder than I did, spending hours, DAYS, pouring over scans, articles and opinions for my treatment course and of course, being there for me with love and patience during hard day and excitement and joy on happy ones. I believe that without Tina & her team, I would not be here today - I wouldn’t have been alive to meet Eric and get married. They have my a giant portion of my heart and I will ALWAYS be grateful for them. (Missing is Dr. Lobel who was in the hospital in his formalwear and had to miss it) #thankfulnovember #boyledroskiwedding
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Another sneak peek from @robwilkinsonphoto - my incredible @shoesofprey wedges that I wish I could wear everyday! If I could I add bows to everything, I would. #boyledroskiwedding #robwilkinson #robwilkinsonphoto #shoesofprey #goldglitter #bowsonbowsonbows
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