Working from home means I get to choose where and when to work (some days I work from the couch but most days I work at the kitchen island); but that also means that I need to have the discipline to stop working. ⠀⠀ Being able to work anywhere and work from my phone is a blessing and I love the flexibility that provides. But sometimes it’s a struggle to put the phone down and be present. ⠀⠀ Have you ever observed a group of people at a restaurant and every single person is on their phone instead of interacting with the people they’re dining with?! When did we stop paying attention to people and start paying attention to screens instead? ⠀⠀ When you work from your phone it’s even harder to put it down. I definitely struggle with this and fail at this more often than not. I’m learning how to set boundaries but I’m not very good at it. ⠀⠀ I take Fridays off (no work, no email, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no errands) but I still find it difficult to put the phone down. I use my phone to stay connected with people, to take pictures, and it’s how my kids let me know when they need to be picked up. And because it’s fun to scroll social media in my downtime. (That sounds so lame now that I’ve said it.) ⠀⠀ Since there is only one more Friday left in the month, I am committing to keeping my phone turned off for the whole day. Maybe taking a day off from screens will help me to have more discipline with this throughout the week? ⠀⠀ Does anyone else struggle with this? What tips and tricks have you tried to help you be more intentional about putting down your phone? . . . . . #workfromanywhere #momlife #wellness #healthyliving #dowhatyoulove #laptoplifestyle #networkmarketing #bey#beyourownboss #womeninbusiness #wahm #motivation #workanywhere #lovewhatyoudo #liveauthentic #workfromwherever #myhomevibe #old#oldhouse #ourhome #oldhouse #beyourownboss #bossmom #financialfreedom #homeoffice #workfromyourphone #discipline #putthephonedown #beintentional #dayoff #blessing #boundaries
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YES ! YES ! YES ! 🙏🏼 I've been in both situations... oh yes I used the four letter word too... I'd say not my proudest moment but it has to be one of them because this person had been stalking, threatening, and overall thought they could manipulate me like they had in the past. Guess who runs the other direction when our paths cross ? It ain't me, I stand my ground and let them know just who's turf they are on. Haha talk about a totally boss babe 😎. In the other case, I walked away from friends who after visiting with I'd feel drained of my energy, moody or unaccomplished. Suddenly our connections faded and I know longer see these people... back in the old days I'd keep looking for these people and thinking they were my friends. Now I live a "come what may" lifestyle. If connections fade, they were meant to. We are on different paths. I feel uncomfortable around an individual or in a location. I leave, usually without stating my case. Self care isn't always black and white. ✌🏼💗 #selfcare #life #enlight #hea#heal/a> #heal #love #peace #karma #bodypositivity #attitude #acceptance #faith #strength #min#mindfulness #manifestation #friends #rel#relationship> #relationship #boundaries #meditation #friendship #crueltyfree #compassion #veg#vegana> #goodvibes #vegan #vegansofig #inspiration #mindful #awakening
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This Echo sits behind my Philo and its microphone is muted. It will continue to function as a bluetooth speaker until one day I have learned to trust it a little more. Until then, I shall restrict to only discreet dates with Alexa and pay attention to what her friends have to say about her. #boundaries #alexa #echo #newrelationships
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OUT NOW 💽 @OlamiStill’s NEW EP 🔊 ‘Guide Me Through’ available for DOWNLOAD & STREAMING via all major and other digital media platforms 🎧 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(S): #MartinetSoldier #ItsThrillaBaby #OlamiStill PRODUCER(S): @dlk100 @itsthrillababy @__g.a AUDIO ENGINEER(S): D L K (Recording) Thrilla (Recording & Editing) @st4x_studio (Recording, Editing) fre3za (Recording, Editing, Mix & Master) RECORDING STUDIO(S): @abstractsunpro @audiohausonline @wearebbandb @Milocostudios (@redroomlondon) PHOTOGRAPHY, ARTWORK & GRAPHIC DESIGN: @gavinsfp STYLIST: #StyledByT AUDIOVISUAL(S): ‘One Time’ DIRECTOR: Ross Perkins MAKEUP: @ketimakeup COSTUME: @ninasobers MODEL(S): @timik4 @itsstefan DOP: @kitdale AC: @Scottbxn EDITOR(S): @cutmeupjimmy @gorilla_editors GRADING: @maxgoldini PRODUCTION COMPANY: @museldn AUDIOVISUAL(S): ‘Flex Like Dat’ DIRECTOR: @kaylumdennis Watch Audiovisual(s); SUBSCRIBE to Olami Still Official YouTube channel 📺 #Breaking #Bread & #Boundaries #Record #Label #Publishing
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Say yes or no. . For the past 11 days I’ve been under the weather with a cold that left me sleeping anywhere from 1-8 hrs during the DAY. . It was simultaneously happening as copies of my beautiful finished journal were arriving in the mail for the first time and things with my launch team were starting up. . I had to use a lot of discernment with what to say yes or no to in the past 11 days. . I had to say yes to rest when my body needed even though my to do list didn’t have time for it. . I had to say no to writing and sharing content on my website and social media even though I had important content to share. . I had to say yes to the MUST DO items on my book launch list - like ship out journals. . I had to say no at times to my family and household responsibilities (because sometimes it’s okay for the house to be untidy and the sink to be full of dirty food). . I had to find ways to say yes to still being present with my family despite the launch and illness looming (and am extremely thankful my husband returned from deployment just in time to help stand in the gap for me). . In the past there have been times when it’s been hard for me to say yes or no to something. It make that seemingly simple decision that results in a word answer. I struggle with feeling like I have to do it all and be it all for whoever needs it. I struggle with people pleasing. But I’m getting better at discerning my needs, acting according to my values, setting boundaries, asking for help, and belonging to my yes and my no. . There will be a cost for every yes and every no and this can be hard for me reconcile sometimes still. But I’m growing in awareness and acceptance of that. I’m moving into my decision making in a way that brings freedom and confidence and helps me come alive to my life. And it’s Jesus who helps me get here. . Learning to say our best yes or our best no can be one of the healthiest things we do for ourselves. And one that I might dare say is a spiritual practice that best happens when we lean in and seek God’s will. What’s something you need to say yes or no to today?. . #mynextrightthing // Say Yes or No
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YOU MATTER!!! Never Again Will I... (Book) Never again will I think that I don't matter!! 🎁Free with Kindle Unlimited 🎁 Electronic Formats ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ Paperback ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Author Shondra Mitchell
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Not everything is yours to carry 💪 You can say no You can seperate yourself from it #sel#selflove #selfcare #healing #mentalhealth #emp#empowered #self #boundaries #empowered #sel#selfaware #selfaware #selfcompassion #selfcarethreads #selfgrowth #selfrespect #selfhelp
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