💦💦I washed and conditioned my hair with my Glorious Growth Cleansing Cream and Glorious Growth Strengthening Mask. Next I used my Quench Hydrating Spray, Twist and Curl Defining Cream and Glorious Growth Hair and Scalp Oil to do 2 strand twists. . I only had an hour to let them dry after I finished SOOOO I grabbed my diffuser and dried them as much as possible. Of course my low porosity hair was still wet when I took them apart. . No worries tho because I prefer big undefined hair anyway. I picked it and and embraced my shrinkage and frizz! 😜😘🙌🏾🙌🏾 . You can try my hair products by clicking that link in my bio or at TeesHairSecret.com
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Happy Saturday beauties! So today i wanted to add a little color to my super jet black hair but of course i won’t actually dye or bleach my hair so i get my fix using clairol temporary hair color. It has a sponge on the end and you kind of just paint it on to different areas so i added some to the front, sides and a little to the back. It can be messy so wear gloves! Also to achieve this hair look I did 4 two strand flat twists in the front then cold rod on the ends to get this voluminous look which i love 💕 😍
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Natural hair really is magical ➰
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When your hair is almost as big as your head 😓 #TimeForATrim #ZiaAlexis
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Hey there! How did your week go? Hope all your expectations were made? Don’t be worry if all were not made you have next week and it will be better . Sending hug your way to make you feel alright 🤗. Have a beautiful weekend fam💕💕💕💕💕 good night 😴
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I use my Aloe Apple Cider Rinse to clarify my scalp before washing and conditioning. I love this stuff! This awesome rinse combines aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar B vitamins and more. It is effective for removing product buildup while leaving your hair softer, stronger, and shinier. . Aloe Vera juice- antibacterial, removes dead skin cells (reduces dandruff), detangles, softens hair, reduces frizz and conditions. . Apple Cider Vinegar- removes buildup without stripping hair, reduces frizz, seals cuticles, increases shine, helps prevent breakage, it detangles, helps hair maintain moisture. You can check it out at TeesHairSecret.com 💙 #TeesHairSecret #naturalhair #naturalista #bigchop #acv #applecidervinegar
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This hair be getting me in that Friday mood lol Protective style for next couple of weeks😁 comment below your go to protective style 👇👇
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