Grocery shopping 🛒😉
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Who wants that booty try these🙌🏽🍑My Tri-sets Glutes Finisher... 🔹Dumbbells Romanian Deadlifts 🔹Single Leg Hip Thrusts 🔹TRX Single Leg Reverse Lunges Perform exercises one after another with little to no rest between. I do 15 controlled repetitions for each exercise and 4 rounds in total. This intensive finisher will engage muscles in different way, pump blood and keep TUT (time under tension) much longer then you usually do. This will give you the feeling of immediate bump growth 🍑 #bootyfordays #bootybuilding #workout #workoutmotivation #booty🍑 #boom #dubai #kitebeachdubai #mydubai
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Hard work and motivation! I could’ve slept in this morning but instead got an early leg session in because I’ve got work to do (work outside of work). Sometimes you have to make choices and sacrifice to prioritise the important things. Back to my usual motivated self. It’s been a low and slow 2 weeks. Ps I’m loving my new gym shark wear and I feel I’m gaining muscle on my new programme so I’m a happy bunny today! Productive Monday’s are the best 💪🏽
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