Avec les enfants et Gaston, on papote, on s'écoute dans le calme, on rigole, on chasse ce qui nous embête, on se remplit de ce qu'on a besoin et on travaille l'imagination.. 🥰 #lesemotionsdegaston #aureliechienchowchine #école #sophrologie #emotions #enfant #enfants #livrejeunesse #livrepourenfant #kids #school #booksforchildren #booksforkids
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HOCKEY PAINT!!! You’re only a box, a stick, a marble and a squirt of paint away from earning some serious Cool Mom points with your kids! ☺️ My 2yo is obsessed with all things hockey right now so we are reading and playing all things hockey. 🙌🏻 SWIPE to see our two favorite books! I must say Face-Off was filled with the most and best pictures that my son continues to pour over. Got to love boys and their nonfiction. 🥰
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Dr. Seuss’s 100 First Words - A delightful introduction to Dr. Seuss’s world. This board book is perfect to be handled by the little one and shows us everyday words in bright bold colours. Every page has a different theme like Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Mealtime, Food, Outside, Home, Myself, Toys, Colors, Things That Go, Clothes, Pets, Bathtime; and Bedtime. Covering a wide arrary of topics, it is a great introduction to concepts and drawings of various things. - The pages are sturdy for the little ones to flip themselves and the images are big enough for them to point at. My daughter points to different images and I tell her what each one is. I love the image size, clarity, the bright colors and the wide umbrella of words this books illustrates. This will make a good gift as well. - Scroll for a peek inside.
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#loving_books_детям 📚Привет! Хочу рассказать о детском издательстве, которое не очень на слуху, но нам нравится. Издательство Русич. ⠀ 🔶У них красивые детские книги. В карусели пример одной из них. Это сборник детских сказок, который подойдёт малышам с 1,5 лет. Здесь непопулярные сказки с поучительным подтекстом. Яркие, красочные иллюстрации. Пойдёт тем, кому наскучили Репка, Колобок, Три медведя и т.п. ⠀ 🔷Найти можно их книги на Вайлдберриз , Майшопе, в Лабиринте. ⠀ #библиотекамалыша #читаеммалышам #мамаималыш #детскиекниги #материнство #ялюблючитать #читаемдетям #booksforkids #kidsbooks
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