Bobby Gentry has some of the best hair. Ever. So I decided to listen to some of her music & educate myself on my commute. 6 or 8 of the songs had cleverly-disguised guitar riffs that sounded exactly the same as Ode to Billie Joe. So I gave up. I’ll stick with the 3 songs of hers that I know and love. #hairenvy #bobbygentry #coolvoice #odetobilliejoe #fancy
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Bobby and lee
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God she was a stunner. I was obsessed with Ode to Billie Joe when I was 12 - my mom always had an "oldies" station on and some songs would sneak in and stay with me. #bobbygentry #canihavethathair #southerngothic
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I've heard "Man Crush Monday" is for publicly declaring one's love for Denzel or Ryan Gosling or Eggs Benedict Cumberbutch. That's cool...if you're into that sorta thing. Personally, I think that's a little narrow in the usage; there's potential for so much more. Like, who wants bangin' abs when you could have a legend bangin' on the drums kit? And who needs a world class jawline when you could have a world class key man playin' a classic line o' soul? You'd have to be a dum-dum to pick a Gosling over these two. Today I dedicate a hunka-hunka burnin' #mcm#mcm to these good-hearted badasses. Gene "Bubba" Crissman and Bobby Wood. And an extra big #mcm on @rjacildo for taking these great shots. #bubbanbobby #americansound #myboorocks
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Final #rsd#rsd2018 haul in place, and none bought from eBay! The 12" for those without bionic vision is#lonnielistonsmith #bobbygentry #barrygray #bowie #georgemartin #rsd #vinyl
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