Just upped my focaccia game: Airfried Sage& Tomato Focaccia stuffed with Blue Cheese, Roast Garlic & Ham #yesitsvegan #whatveganseat
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Krinklewood 🍷🧀🍇🍃
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As the day closes, the cheese world has taken the time out today to appreciate and celebrate the raw milk cheeses of the world! I chose one of my favorites, and original raw milk player, Roquefort. A super creamy smooth raw sheep’s milk from France who’s roots run deep in cheese history. After sitting for about an hour at room temperature the paste is nearly spoonable with crumbly tendencies. The flavor is rich and earthy with a lactic tang. It melts on your tongue like butter leaving a little salty crunch. The sheep’s milk gamey flavor comes through on the exhale. I am pairing it up tonight with a gift from a good friend who recently traveled to the UK. Signatory Vintage 13 year old scotch from an unnamed Orkney Distillery. The Orkney islands are in the northern most region of Scotland. This dram is honey sweet with fresh salty brine and a subtle peaty smoke. Both scotch and blue cheese can be incredibly aggressive, but I have found that when paired correctly they bring the best out of each other. The aggressive tang and barny flavors of the cheese seem to cling to the smoke and brine in the whiskey leaving only sweet clover honey and vanilla. Likewise, the strong notes of the whiskey seem to subdue the blue leaving a milky smooth fresh cream note. Call me crazy but it’s almost vanilla ice cream left lingering after the aggression. Cheers my friends! And Happy International Raw Milk Cheese Day! #raw#rawseday #roquefort #france #raw #rawmilk #cheese #cheeseislife #whiskey #whisky #scotch #orkney #signatory #gift #pairing #foodporn #bluecheese #photography #foodphotography #whiskeycurd
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Y’all have less than an hour to get your orders in for tonight!! !!! & shoutout to @bstevens_1386 for supporting Owens Catering. Today’s Menu Wings Only (Wing Dings) (2 dipping sauces per 10 wings) 10pc- $8 15pc- $12 20pc- $15 4pc Whole Wings - $8 4pc Whole Wings & Fries - $10 10pc/ fries or onion chips with ranch for $10 15pc/ fries or onion chips with ranch for $12 -Fish Sandwich - $4 -Fish Sandwich & Fries - $6 -Spicy Fish Sandwich & Fries - $8 -Double Fish Sandwich & Fries- $9 -Plate of Fries -$4 (Blue Cheese dipping sauce only) Wing Sauces Hot Lemon Pepper (Dry/Wet) Honey Lemon Pepper Spicy Mambo Spicy Teriyaki Ranch City All Flats or Drums - $2 Extra Blue Cheese x 2 - $1 1st come 1st served & Pre-orders are always welcome. $0.49 is added to Cash app/ Square payments **Delivery Fee will be added to orders** Athens area $5 Outside Athens area $10 Gwinnett, Morgan Co, & Gainesville area $15 Conyers $20 Atlanta area $25 (Cash, Invoice, Debit card, Credit Card, and Gift Card payment friendly) ALL delivery orders must be prepared via Cash app, Square, Zelle, Bitcoin payments or other Invoice apps from now on, and also accepting Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto currency’s payment friendly #OwensCatering #FoodDoneRight #WingsDoneRight #HotWings #Chi#Chickens #Chicken #Ranch #BlueCheese #RanchWings #LemonPepper #WingDings #Fries #CantBanTheGOman #ishDontStop #StayGrinding #AlwaysCooking #OOPcomingsoon Now accepting Bitcoin payments and Follow @owens_catering on Instagram Contact Owens Catering for your Business, Events, and of course Party promotion We do not own the right to this music.
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Beetje een zooitje maar verder wel super lekker wat een omelet had moeten worden met zalm en blauwe kaas.😋 #food #foodporn #breakfast #ontbijt #zondag #sunday #pasen #easter #ome#omeleta> #omelet #salmon #zalm #bluecheese #bitofamess
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