My little mini man crush 😍 ———————— Isn’t it crazy, how us momma’s have always dreamt of how perfect our littles would be.. and then when they’re here it’s like wow.. God, you really outdid yourself 😍 #mancrushmonday
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I fully believe that your dreams can come true, you’ve just got to believe in your self. Like, REALLY believe in your self. 🦋💭💫 #dreamitanddoit
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🏗. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rupikaur #poems #poetry #poesia
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Going to start a (hopefully) professional white theme. What kind of content do you want to see more on my page? Outfit Shorts: @primark Men’s shirt: @hm Kicks: @adidas @adidasaruba Shades: @quayaustralia
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💚💙mixing colors 💚💙 #dallas
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If you going through the dark night of the soul. Your journey is to go into it, not try to get out of it. Sit in the fire of your pain. Because it is here you will meet God herself. (Or pure unlimited consciousness)
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Enjoying the cold weather and looking forward to getting some shit done this week! 😎
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Inside out
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