TFW people constantly ask, “so when are you having a girl?!” NEVER, stay up out my uterus thanks! I have nieces for days, link in bio for new blog posts, the blog is my baby!....#3thechicway
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Found this beautiful street art tucked away beside an apartment building in downtown. 🌺😍
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Wine🍷 on my mind. That means its Friday
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Happy Friday everyone! You best believe I've been sticking my head under everyone's noses like "CAN YOU SMELL THE CHOCOLATE?" - Living for this Choco Locks hair range from @leestaffordhair 😻💖
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Last Christmas, i gave you my heart! But the very next was winter again!
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We made it - It’s finally Friday! 😝 I’m off for a little walk tomorrow with the girls and I can’t wait! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain ☔️🤞🏼
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Time to get some work done today. I'm strong even during my weakest days. #TGIF #wahm #entrepreneurlife #bloggerlife #blogginggals
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