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🚨 The RESTOCK you don't want to miss!🚨
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Throwback to the first photo I took for the blog. This photo has a lot of emotions behind it since although I was very excited about my first pregnancy, I knew my employer didn’t feel the same way. Once I announced my pregnancy there was so much stress at my job that I created the blog as a happy place to run away to. Every day ended in tears and this gave me something to focus on that allowed me to enjoy that special time. So it’s hard for me today to announce that I’ve decided to end the blog. It has helped me in many different aspects; eventually leading me to opening my marketing business, which is my full-time job today. Working for yourself takes long hours, and adding a toddler to the mix makes personal time non-existent. While I’ve tried to find time to blog, it just doesn’t ever fit. So I’ve decided to take a step back so I can put my energy into building my business. To those who read the blog, commented, liked, shared, etc. - THANK YOU! Your support means the world to me and kept me going when I was struggling. I’m going to keep this Instagram page up to share things when I can that I’m hoping will help/inspire, but the website will unfortunately be down at the end of June. I will miss you 😢
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The straw hat made a major comeback last summer & we’re so excited that it’s back again this year! Not only as the perfect sun protection accessory but A-OK to wear day to day. Who’s bold enough to wear this beaut beyond the beach? #target #targetstyle #strawhats
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That windblown look 💨🌬
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Cute pink coffee shops is where you’ll find me🌸💕 ___________________________________ Top: @freedesireclothing dc:crissy10 Skirt: @lolashoetique dc:crissy20
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