Own what makes you stand out. Let your unique perspective shine through everything you do.
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Happy Friday! There’s a new YouTube video up on my channel ... @hm & @bershkacollection haul/try-on 💓link in my stories and bio xxo!
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~ f r i e n d s h i p ~
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Hey pretty girl!! You just keep pushing, grinding, and perusing your dreams—because one day what’s in your heart will come true, whether it’s in actuality or manifested in an even better way!! Congrats @joycemcnally and thanks for reminding us all persistence and heart win every time!!
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Dear Bey, Thank you for the message it has been received. Thank you for the reflection reminding me when I see you, I see me. Thank you for the light, the love and not asking permission. Thank you for representin and for the representation. Thank you for creating doors where they did not exist. Thank you for showing the world Black Power extends far beyond the fist ✊🏽. For we are magic, we are limitless, our lives have no bounds. Our creativity and strength is what makes this world go round. I will honor who God created me to be. I will reach back my hand and take all my people with me. I will teach, I will learn, I will serve as I should. As we are all on this earth to be a blessing and do good. 🙏🏽💕
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