We had a blessed day, we went to Brentwood and had lunch at fatburgers, then we drove to Santa Monica down PCH. And we thank the Lord for allowing us to make it back home safely through La traffic! #BlessedFamily #BlessedDay #ThankYouLord🙏👑
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Good Night beautiful people! 💕 #sameface #daddydaughter #sweetdreams #TeamPadilla
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I am at my mom’s house this week and tonight my daughter asked to look at old family picture albums. Taking a walk down memory lane, seeing how strong family resemblance is, and telling stories about my childhood is so much fun. . . This picture is of my mom, brothers and sisters, the husbands, and the grandchildren. It was taken at my Granpa’s funeral. He was 98 years old and lived to see great-great-grandchildren. I miss my grandpa a lot. . . He used to take us “up into the country” to plant potatoes, pumpkins, and string beans. He would work us hard but we always loved going with him because he made hard work fun. We knew exactly what he expected and we knew that on the way back home there would be cherry pie, an ice cream sandwich, and a Dr. Pepper. He would always tell us, “Now don’t tell your mom what I fed y’all or I’ll get into trouble.” I don’t think we ever breathed a word of those yummy treats to mu mom, but I’m sure she knew all about them. . . You know, mothers know everything! . . #childhoodmemories #familyisablessing #enjoyeverymomentyouhavewiththem
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JV's day out! Twinning with Mommy! “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” #RAJhappilyeverafter #thegurangotan #chinoyfamily #blessedfamily #happyfamily #babyJV #janisesverbenarica #chinitaempress #rainbowbaby #cutebabies #igbabies #twinning #motheranddaughter #denim #jacket #H&M
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Some things I must be present for. #InternationalForestDay 🌏 My daughter @charlottemoneill and I in Bali not so long ago wearing the same little old things we’ve had forever, and our matching hand woven hats we found on our travels. #BeTheChange #LoveTheEarth #SustainableFashion #MotherDaughter
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