Just got really excited by the hands on the wall in this prone back bend from @mel@melawella • Posted @withrepost • @melawella More 💚💚 opening and back bending for everyone.. join me tonight in the Green Room - @themarlborough 6.45-8.. full details on my website. Web link in the bio above #backbend #heartopener #anahata #anahatachakra #yogabrighton #yogateacher #yogaclassesbrighton #blackyogis #yogalife #yogavideos #yogapractice
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#Repost @@bazaarnoir (@get_repost) ・・・ DAY PASSES ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TODAY Get Ready for your New You in this New Year! Have you been saying for all long time I really need to take a yoga class or I need more Yoga in my life? Well, we have it for you. A full day of Melanated Chakras stretching, posing, breathing, and regenerating our selves for all the greatness that is for us in the New Year. Every day is a Fresh Start to make a change and do something different. So don't miss out on this event of Selected Knowledgeable instructors of this art form from every style of yoga that will be taking you on a journey of Chakra Energy Bliss. Each Teacher will be focusing in a different Chakra. FOR MORE INFORMATION HOTELS AND MORE LOGON TO http://bazaarnoir.weebly.com/ Additional Classes are only $10 after you have purchased one Class @ Melanated Chakras Yoga Conference on site! TO REGISTER FOR TICKETS CLICK BELOW! https://tinyurl.com/MelanatedChakras3 This years Melanated Chakras is Sponsored by Moving Art Experience About Moving Art Experience Founded in 2015, the Moving Art Experience was created as a platform within the minority community to connect the world of art and yoga. The event itself is a unique celebration of unity combining live body painting, the art of yoga, live performances, music, vendors, and so much more. As art & yoga is known to be a form of therapy for some & a passion for others, the goal of the show is to inspire anyone who attends to become their true self as the artist and yogis do in the freedom of life and love. MOVING ART EXPERIENCE http://www.movingartexperience.com/ #MELANATEDCHAKRAS #chakras #yog#yogalenge #yoga #mel#melaninpoppin #blackgirlsdoyoga #blackyogis #melanin #blackmendoyoga #blackgirlmajic #bazaarnoir #iloveyoga #yogapose #blackexcellence
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Monday morning #message! . So often we are hung up on the past, or prematurely worrying about the future instead of joying the present that is the present moment. . Depression stems from thinking about the past and worrying about the future is anxiety. The only true peace can come from living in the present moment fully. . This is the practice of yoga. To be aware of your breath, your body, your mind, your feelings. Yoga is an inquiry into the now. . How do you feel? . How is your breath? . Are you holding any tension in your body or in your mind? . What are you thinking about? Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? . Being present and aware is an amazing inquiry that you can do anytime. But like most things, we don’t take the time. . Join us for class, and experience the relaxation and peace of being present in the now. . Join us for class today! . 6pm Stretch and Release . 7:30pm Intro to Meditation . See you on the mat! ❤️
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Are you ready to dive deeper into your yoga practice off and on the mat? Click the link in our bio to sign up for @herglowupyoga series 10. There are only 3 spots left. We start next Tuesday! Use code: LOVE to get 20% off at checkout. ✨📸: @lovexjane
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