Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it!🌹
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You are a queen & a queen isn’t complete with her hair!! What wig are your wanting us to #custom make for you? @queensbecrowned 🔥
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The truth is what we want and the truth is what I live by! I’m so loving all these #homecoming post of @bey at #coachella last year! #beychella is always setting the trend. I can go on about her but what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. 💯@thejoyousmarketingteam #virgos
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Daughters of the Most High... . . For too long, we have surrendered responsibility for our bodies and health to Medical Professionals, Politicians, and others who have profitted from, and furthered advances in medicine based on our our vulnerabilities-and in many instances-our ignorances. . . We must use our resources, our self-discipline, our self-control, spirituality, and self-respect, along with science and medicine to help fight disease and preserve our lives. . . Study our history with medicine and the medical profession to empower ourselves. . . Read Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington. Form a book club, discuss it. . Fast. Juice. Exercise. Breathe Deeply. Relax. Pray. Meditate. Connect with like-minded brothers and sisters. Grow together and share. . . Peace and Blessings.
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Sis, just deal with it! We never know the load we carry until someone pulls it out of us .. What are you secretly holding onto ? Are you thinking you’re protecting yourself? Let me tell you what you’re doing ..... You’re sabotaging your beautiful future. 🔪 Sister Wives, we have been there and that’s why we want to welcome you to @purposeful_woman_ “Forgiveness Friday’s”. This episode of @iyanlavanzant and @karrueche shows us how to forgive ourselves for thinking we could “move in silence”. Moving in Silence kills! #forgivenessfridays
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When Life gives to lemons 🍋, get Slay and then make lemonade! • • • • • Wins are not determined by how many times you get knocked down, but more so how many times you can pick your self up and keep going! • • • • Being bitter will cause you to miss your blessing! #womenwithstyle#fashionbrand#beautifulblackwomen#shedidthat#speakthetruth#realtalk#gogirl#blackgirlsrock#blackgirlmagic#melaninmagic#melaninmakeup#crayoncase#crayoncutie#badgirlsclub#basketballwives#lhhatl#lhhhollywood#womenwithambition#girlboss#blackwomenontherise#detroitboutique#wifemomboss#msindependent#blackwomensmiling#blackwomenwhoblog#blackwomeninbusiness#nolagirl#houstonhairstylist#downtownhouston#easthouston
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I took this picture in October of 2012, on a super old iPhone so excuse the grain and color context. It probably looks like I had it all together, with my cute little bob styled and kept by the incredible @themykelstyle . But the the truth is, I was out of complete harmony. I cared SO MUCH about how people thought, that I literally became those thoughts. Not thoughts of my own, but I became the perfect little girl next door. A girl with her own little Lexus truck ( white to signify purity 🙄 ), cute little apartment, good paying job with great benefits, I’d even started an organization ( the ONE thing I really wanted to do), and I was STUCK in relationship with the stereotypical “good guy”. . I was miserable. I mean absolutely drained and suffocating. There was no peace, no harmony, no nothing. I couldn’t hear myself think for years from the frustration bubbling in my head. . If I didn’t make a change, I KNEW I would die, because depression would literally break my heart. In other words, I was NOT OK. . HARMONY. I shut EVERYTHING down, and hit the reset button. If I didn’t figure out what my purpose was, and quick. This period of time would be my last. I had to get in touch with the real me. I had to Find God again so that I could find myself. I channeled all that frustration into creative energy. I picked up a camera, learned editing software, studied marketing ( still studying ), dived into cooking, went natural...I literally changed my life. When you gets in harmony with you, baby, it’s take off time. #MmkBYE . #BlackWomenWhoBlog #Love #LifestyleBlogger #UnApologetic #BrownGirlBloggers #MentalHealthMatters #Wellness #Hope #SelfLove #Melanin #BlackGirlPower #MelaninJoy #FlashbackFriday #FBF
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