My eyes are literally burning from being online most of the day. My project is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself. Technology is the biggest headache I face and it sucks big butt because what I’m trying to accomplish is all technology based. Example, this shot is 😍. Editing the shot was 🤯. The end result of the shot is 🥴. I removed the people but then I was left with a very obvious photoshop marker (the curved door opening). Whew chillay! This takes much time and even more patience. But I’m focused on self teaching and self motivation to keep pushing through. Soon to be killing the game! Tips, tricks, advice are all greatly appreciated! Lmk in the comments ☺️
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"Black Love"
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Being here with you means the world to me. ~ 📸💏 @adeola.odutola ❤️ Colombia 🇨🇴
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