GROUP TRIP TO THAILAND ANYONE? VILLAS FOR ONLY $60 A NIGHT PER PERSON... TAG AT LEAST FOUR FRIENDS 👭👭 YOU WOULD GO WITH! • • I found several beautiful villas near the beach in Phuket that holds between 6-10 people for only $60 A NIGHT PER PERSON! Some even include a personal chef! Head on over to the blog now and check it out! (Link in bio) • • No I'm planning vacations, I'm simply sharing information to show how affordable international travel is. If you enjoy me sharing these, let me know in the comments 💛 Sidenote: this beautiful area is closed because indefinitely because of pollution... but I PROMISE you won’t miss anything. There are wayyy nicer beaches than this all over Phuket 😊 • • #blacktravelgram #bla#blackgirlstravel/a> #blackgirlstravel #blacktravelmovement #soulsociety #melanintravel #melanintravels #blacktravelfeed #blacktraveljourney
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This second time in Europe, I'm finding I'm taking more time to appreciate slow travel. I no longer feel so pressed to see ALL the things. I still make my lists of sites of interest, but if I get there, I get there. If I don't, I don't. . . There was so much to take in and see in Lisbon that I didn't feel bummed that I hit ZERO things on my list. Even the giant castle that was just down the hill from where I was staying. I still got to soak in so many other things, and take advice from awesome people I just met, and essentially let the trip build itself. . . I think I used to be pressed about seeing as much as I can because I would think: What if I don't come here again? But now my answer to that question is: 1. Who says I won't come again and 2. And so what if I don't come back AND I don't see it? . . What about you? Do you like to slow travel (even if you are only in a place for a few days?) Or you want to see as much as possible! It's #traveltuesday, so let's chat: to slow travel or nah? Can't wait to hear your thoughts. #nkemtravels #nkeminlisbon
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I think I’m ready for Winter. 🤔 So, HK doesn’t get that cold but apparently it snowed on the top of the Peak one year and the last two years were probably the coldest it’s gotten here in years (so I’m told). Also homes are built to keep heat out and most are equipped with air-cons to battle Summer’s humidity but not the chill of Winter. Can someone say brrrr. Sweater: @zara Booties:👢 @hm
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It is YouTube Tuesday! Yey For my new followers, many of you don't know that I've lived overseas for 3 years. I finally decided to start a youtube channel to detail what it was like over there and my transition back here in the States. . . I call my youtube watchers "JPT Nation." JPT is an acronym for journalers, planners, and travelers. This acronym, I feel, encompassed my passion- to give special attention to Black journalers, planners, and travelers. I'll have a video out every Tuesday. I'll also be shouting out my favorite planner or journal channel I come across with you! I'm excited to come across some good stuff 😍😄😍 . . In this video, I'm sharing which tip I enjoyed the most out of the 6 I shared. Check out the video and tell me what you think *Link in bio to youtube channel* #bwwpc #bla#bla#blackyoutuberte #cul#cultureshock> #happyplanner #journaling #plannergirl #cultureshock #salsadancing. #bachatadancing #blackyoutuber #traveljournal #blackyoutubers #blacktravelgram #blacktravelmovement #blacktravelfeed #youtubeblogger #illgrammers #igdaily #photooftheday #justgoshoot #way2ill #featuremeinstagood #blackwomenplantoo #travelersnotebook #blackgirlsplantoo #jptnation
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