#blackexcellence 😍 @OlanikeeOsi launched #SELFISHBABE a free self love app for women. Over 135,000 users are receiving its daily uplifting and relatable messages straight to their phone. Follow @SelfishBabes and download the app. Support this young lady and receive inspiration while doing so! 😍👏🏾 #blacklovepage
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Love this announcement! 1+1=3 😍 @davidnjazmin#mrandmrsjerome #blacklovepage
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We have another #AskBLP question so we need our community to help out and provide some words of wisdom ❤️ We won’t tag the woman asking, but she will definitely read the comments! #honestyhour here we go! 👇🏾 #blacklovepage
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The power of the tongue is so real and your thoughts can truly manifest into your reality... so stop speaking negative things! Stop thinking negative things! You are whatever you say you are ❤️ Remember that 😉 #BlackLovePage
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