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You Don't Want A Man| You Want A Grown Boy To Control. _ Some women want a strong man until they get one. You cant control him, your mere beauty doesn't cut it in his world. Your career doesn't faze him. You can't put your insecurities on him, the guilt trip mind games doesn't work with him. You can't disrespect this man because you check yourself. So now your crumble and ask yourself do I really want a man or boy. It's the harsh truth not every woman can handle a STRONG MAN. As much as we speak about controlling and weak men. So many women fall into this category. _ A good man is one of the most under respected, under appreciated, under valued and under recognised. The world is filled with men with no substance breaking your hearts, but is always every man's fault. _ I love myself too much to settle for a mere beauty and a fat ass. I've been there and done it, the scars of the bad choices remains. In the end like I always say, your character as a human being will determine the type of person you end up with. _ Grandmother raised a King #GoodMen #LoveYourself #BeYourself #King #BlackExcellence #BlackKing #KingsQueens #AlphaMale #GrandMotherRaisedMe
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Wedding flow... #WeddingSinger #OKC #ClassicMan #BlackKing Dang!! I look good....🎤🎤🎤🎤
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3/17/☘️📸 shot by: @visionqueenphotography
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