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Happy Delivery Day ✨Book @atasteofrose for your birthday parties, cookouts, family gathering, graduation parties, and more. ✨
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Making the decision to not follow a system, or someone else’s rules has allowed me to really dig into what my own strengths and gifts are without spending time feeling jaded or wasteful. • • • #Reupload
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The Thankful Kingizm. One of several walking affirmations featured on Kingizms.com Customized to match your fly and your mantra. Offered conveniently in both Men’s and women’s fits. This custom tee is available in over 8 different colors. The tees are also printed on 100% soft cotton fabric for a premium fit and feel. Competitively priced at $19.92. You pay less than 20 dollars for a feeling that’s ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. Thank you for being a reflection of this gift. #walkingaffirmation #poetryinmotion #kingizms #statementtee #graphictee #customtee #expression #shop #smallbusiness #blackbusiness #entrepreneur
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