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R.I.P Florida Rapper & Producer XXXTentaction- reportedly found gunned down inside his vehicle, police states possible robbery.
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Some context, the 20 year old musician XXXTentacion was shot and killed in Miami on Monday. There's a whole lot of controversy around this. I don't think anyone deserves to die, ever. I especially don't think that people should be dying because of gun violence. I especially don't think young black men should be dying because of gun violence, it's a very serious issue that NEEDS to be addressed. But I'm also not here for people trying to act like someone was a Saint after they die. @ me if you want. XXX was a homophobe, a rapist, and abusive (physically, emotionally and sexually) to his fans and his supposed 'loved ones'. He did some really horrible things to people. Yes, I acknowledge that he was creating some sort of awareness to mental health issues and he positively impacted some people's lives. But that's no excuse to treat anyone else like shit. Mental illness is no excuse to abuse anybody. I'm horrified that somebody else is the victim of gun violence. I'm horrified that people just stood around recording after they found his body instead of trying to help him (he could have still been alive). I'm horrified that someone was murdered. And my sympathy goes out to his family for their loss. But personally I can't feel sympathy for him.
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We came together to create change in the form of economic progress and prosperity in the Black community. Change starts here. #BlackEconomicAlliance
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Another possible gang related shooting. 😩✊ #NojusticeNopeace
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