Guys! Come by any stream and cheer on with some bits! It’s going to a good cause, and will help other during this Christmas season! I’ll be streaming on twitch as many days as possible, 12pm est to 4pm est! Don’t forget to give some to other streams as well! I’ll be tagging my favs so everyone can check them out! Don’t be afraid to also comment some streamers below! 👇🏼 - Streamers: @goosey.official @sullythegreat1 @xpinkachu.ttv @tannerslays_ @rubydubyqueen @trulyrageous @pyxlgy (If I forgot to tag anyone sorry) - Tags: #twi#twitchstreamer #contentcreator #twitch #streamer #goodcause #charity #bits #gameready #gamerslife
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