Beautiful Sunday😍😍 #selfcrush #birthdaycountdown #gemini♊
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COME JOIN ME @ MY BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN STREAM TONIGHT! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 As many of you already know, I will be turning 24 on Monday 🙈 Coincidentally it also marks the end of my second month as a streamer, and I must say that the past two months have been one of the greatest experiences ever - despite the ups and downs and the shit I’ve been going thru in real life, getting to meet all of you and being able to share my joy for gaming with you guys made everything worth it 💪 Because of that I’ve decided to throw a mini get-together to mark the occasion with the people who have never stopped supporting me throughout this period! We all know how hard it is starting out as a new streamer on Twitch but you guys made it #GGEZ for me 😘 (not really ez but yeah LOL) Feel free to drop by anytime starting 9pm EST (May 20) 😎 Even if you have never been on my stream before feel free to drop by and say hello :3 the link to my channel can be found in my bio ( and I’m LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF YOU THERE! P.S. Yay two more chicken dinners last night <3 that’s our 9th one this month heheh wp @chr1567 @kj_ng @kzng115 💩 #terraglotte #twitch #twitchstreamer #newstreamer #bir#birthdaytdown #birthday #birthdaystream #pubg #csgo #ffx #celebration #party #polyglot
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