I am almost done with a new inference resource about spring! As we are reviewing, this anchor chart from @jenniferserravallo has definitely been very helpful. Students keep it in their journals and then use @postit as they read a passage to record their thinking. What helpful tips do you have for reviewing inferences?
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Come see our culturally relevant, bilingual books for kids at #cabe2019. Booth 516
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My apologies to the parents who got to take these fun crafts home 😬 I didn’t realize til we were in the middle of it what a potential mess it would be for everyone! But it WAS a fun way to retell and sequence and use Chinese vocabulary from the story of the three little pigs 🐷
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So, this isn’t the prettiest picture (second picture). It’s a black and white article. However, after today’s discussion on this article I heard some kids say “I had fun! Can we do it again tomorrow?” 😲I was concerned because I kept thinking how will I get my kids to care about this black and white paper?! After reflection, I came to the conclusion that I was able to engage students because [1] they read a real world article, [2] students connected this lesson to skills they’ve acquired in reading (making them feel successful), and [3] they connected to the topic because of their research during writing class and [4] they are starting to grow in their ability to decipher unknown words through language arts unit. They had existing schema (of knowledge and skills )to be able to learn new information and feel confident doing it. We are loving @newsela articles in the second grade! Side note: we are reading this article about Ghana 🇬🇭 which is the country you see on our bulletin. #culturallyresponsiveteaching #reading
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This book has inspired me to inspire my students to be word collectors for “vocabulary enrichment”. We will have a designated spot for the yellow slips of paper for students to write new words they come across. They will find define and illustrate an example in their book. Students will be allowed to work on this any time they are done with their assignment.
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🌷🌱🐣Happy First Day is Spring! This little writer is celebrating by writing a story using our Spring Roll-A-Story. Check it out, along with all of our spring writing activities, in our store - link is in our profile.
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A couple of nights ago we went to our friend’s play. It was BEAUTIFUL - the acting, the music, the stage. It was also ALL in Spanish. It was a challenge, but we got most of it... sort of😜 it was a tragic story. A lot of complex stuff going on about love, family and death. Haha, yes it was difficult for us to understand everything. Part of our cultural immersion is forcing ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and be with a new language. If you are trying to learn a new language check out latest blog post in the link in the bio above for some beginner’s tips and tricks😍
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