"I can lead, it's not just a thing of who speaks the loudest or who can make the most noise." - Catherine #inspirecollege #preparingyouforinfluence #biblecollege #ministry
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The annual Powder Puff game, and Dr. John Miller Bowl is here! There will be hot drinks and snacks for everybody, even those who just come to watch. Join us this Saturday April 27th at 12pm and have some fun!
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No Fear Friday! There is a joy in not being afraid, it’s part of that abundant life Jesus promised us! In Joshua 1:9 The Lord says not to be afraid because He is with us! He won’t let us fall! #Charis #Bible #Truth #Jesus #Blessing #andrewwommack #grace #andrewwommackministries #biblecollege
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These two girls are so adorable. It was fun this week comparing Croatian and American dining etiquette.
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