You play the back, bitch I’m in the front #nickiminaj 💅 #progress #gymbound #betterme #betteryourself #favoriteline #gay #arms #shoulders
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Just give it a go! You might even surprise yourself at how good you are!
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"There are no accidents, we create our own fate." -- Hey Beautiful People! -- We get what we put in. That goes for friendships, careers, health and the list goes on. Like attracts like. Always remember that. -- Surround yourself only with people who add value. Relationships are so important as we go through our life journeys. Who we spend the most time with, we become. -- Take care of you first and always! Treat your body right and it will take care of you. Take time to feed yourself with foods that will add time to your life by improving and maintaining your health. That concept of nutrition being important is legit. Just saying... -- Where we are and where we go is a result of our actions. Create a destiny you will be proud of! -- As always, enjoy the journey! . . . 📷 Daniel Michael
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