Such a pain in the hole this whole holiday! #doubleSeatBelt #BetterSafeThanSorry #ReallyHisHandbag
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Today’s #PSA: If you are unsure about something with regards to your health, get it checked out. Please. *Keep scrolling if you don’t like gross body shots 😜 5 years ago today, I went to Moffitt Cancer Center to get a cancerous tumor (DFSP) removed from my leg. I had that little bump on my leg for at least 6 years. Every doctor I saw told me it was “nothing, probably a calcium deposit...”. Because it wasn’t growing, and it wasn’t changing. Or at least that’s what we thought. Because when I finally went to a plastic surgeon (to have it removed for my own vanity) it turned out that this monster was growing inside my body versus outside of it. When I got the call back that it was cancer, and I needed to have more of my leg removed, I thought I was gonna loose my leg, or worse. I was lucky 🍀- only 1,000 people get diagnosed with DFSP per year. And I only needed surgical removal. If I had ignored it any longer - I could have had much greater issues than the large crater in my leg. So if there is something you’ve been dragging your feet about getting checked- please make an appointment to get it checked out tomorrow! 😘 #bettersafethansorry #getchecked #cancer #fuckcancer
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Shredding personal documents is important to prevent identity theft. ID theft has become so common with data breaches of major entities that hold information, such as Experian and Office of Personnel Management. It is important to do everything possible to limit your exposure. #themoreyouknow #bettersafethansorry #shredded #private
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Got home and covered the boat when she let loose. #bettersafethansorry #forgottocheckweatherforecast #garmin #fisherboats #illinoisfishing
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Sometimes the bride isn’t there when we photograph her details, so we have to guess which shoes are hers. In this case, we photographed two pairs we found (these were the right ones), so I also have this exact shot with a pair of pink bridesmaid shoes 😂 #bettersafethansorry . . . . #twobirdsphoto #fargoweddingphotographer #fergusfallsweddingphotographer #fergusfallsmnphotographer #fergusfallsphotographer #minnesotaweddingphotographer #lovealwaysfloral #badgleymischka #badgleymischkashoes #weddingdetails
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Getting your gear insured online with Front Row is hassle-free and it only takes a couple minutes - so you'll be all set to move forward with your next creative adventure (a.k.a work project)! Learn more via link in bio.⠀
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Bulletproof Gucci Jersey Jacket Guccighost Print | Kugelsichere Gucci College Jacke | Size 36/42/44/46 | 4500€ | This jacket is a regular Gucci jacket that was customized with DuPont Kevlar © and tested under NIJ IIIA standard | it stops bullets of calibers .357 up to .44 Magnum (!)| | more Kevlar modified items (clothing and bags) available | #bettersafethansorry #gucci #guccighost #kevlar #bulletproof #stayalivewithgucci
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