Easter Sunday - the perfect day to throwback to this little shoot with @thecbstudio cosplaying @thebandGHOST at @OzComicCon 2017 ❤️ #Cosplay 📸 #Curveball #Ghost #GhostBand #BestCosplay #CardinalCopia #Ghouls #PapaEmeritus #OzComicCon #Brisbane #Photography #IndieDirector
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Some lost files of some cool peeps that I caught up with last year at @GamerComicExpo. Excited to see what new cosplays they have in the works! 🔥 🔹 🔹 Follow them & show some love: Lara Croft - @ms3lo Mary Jane - @vonniecosplay Megaman X (Vile) - @darkslayer99ix Elizabeth Swan/Turner - @alittleandroid Bill Turner - @deceptology Jack Sparrow - @carmenvalentina Venus Fly Trap/Piranha Plant - @yanycupcakes Spider-Man - @aj.gar The Trapper - @@gm5380 🔹 🔹 Check out @geektanium & @wolvsunmusic who are also doing cool things in the geek community. 🔥 🔹 🔹 And of course, always remember to #VeFantastic!
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