sometimes silence is the only language where we can meet— . . {image & words by @dorideer}
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Sometimes being a light worker is heavy. It has the potential to put such a weight on your heart, carrying other people’s pain, shouldering their burdens, and lifting them up from their fallen states. Sometimes in holding other hands and guiding them carefully down the path of their healing journey, we ourselves lose our footing. We stumble, fall, wander off the trail and get lost. Light work and healing work is a divine gift. To bring out the magic in people and to give them tools that allow them to see their own light is precious. And still, we must give ourselves grace too. We must remember that our own healing is important and worthwhile and a journey that doesn’t end. Sometimes we all fall down. The magic is in how we rise again. 🖤👁🗝 {quote credit to @thugunicorn}
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Hello friends! Tonight is the Full Super Moon in ⚖️ Libra. It also happens to occur on the same day as Ostara—the Spring 🌸 Equinox. The alignment of the Full Moon 🌕 and the Spring Equinox is a rare astrological event. It hasn't happened since 1981 and it will not happen again until 2038. This is such a powerful time for ✨ magic. Be sure to put all of your crystals in a windowsill tonight so that they can absorb the energy of this powerful lunar event. To learn more about what all of this means for you, make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter. Edition Six 🗝 went out this afternoon, but I will be doing one re-send tomorrow morning. So check your inboxes if you’re already subscribed or DM me if you want to be added. 👁🗝✨🖤
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My #guestmix for @silvermofficial Radio, as broadcast on @maximafm_radio Madrid, is up now on #soundcloud. Tons of new music from my Silver M and @autektone Dark EPs. Head to Silver M or ochemtrailz SC for a stream or DL. Comment on the mix and ill try to respond with ID’s 🤙🏽.. ID: @introversion_berlin - Hell on Earth . #techno #radio #maximafm #producer #dj #EP #la #losangelestechno #technomusic #technoislove #deep #hardtechno #darktechno #melodic #melodictechno #rave #technoistheanswer #undergroundtechno #technoparty #technofamily #technoculture #festival #warehouseparty #warehousetechno #besource #goingup #consciousmusic #432hz
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I have an admission to make. I was terrified to post the Tarot Reading that I shared yesterday. I was terrified because I hate seeing photos and video of my face straight on. Due to an injury that occurred at birth I have a crooked jaw. When I was very young I never realized it but as I got older I realized it when looking at photographs of myself. From that point forward, I never smiled in pictures. I simply refused to open my mouth. If I kept my mouth closed, the crookedness was less obvious. One time we had a family portrait taken and when we received the photographs my mother told me that I had ruined the portrait. Because I did not smile nor keep a straight face. Somehow my expression was in between, I didn’t want to ruin the photograph by smiling, but I also wanted to appear happy. In doing so, I was told by my mother that I ruined the family portrait. I was about 12-years-old when that happened. From then on, I did all that I could to avoid photographs and videos. Until very recently, I distorted my face as much as I could to prevent my brokenness from showing. Revealing my brokenness has been one of the most terrifying things I have done in my life. But in my healing journey I have learned that it is my brokenness that is the most beautiful thing about me. It has been just over a day since I shared the Tarot Reading video and since then I have had messages pouring in from people telling me how deeply the reading spoke to them. I have booked more sessions and taken more clients in the last 24 hours than I have in the last 6 months. Because I decided to bare my soul wide open and share my truth with you. Friends, what I have learned is that our brokenness is not broken at all, in fact, it is our purest gold. The things that you spent a lifetime hating about yourself are the very things that make you special and make you who you are. The cracks in your shell are your greatest gifts to the world. My healing journey, Tarot & Yoga in particular, have taught me how to literally and metaphorically open my heart. Everything that I have ever desired, I have found on the other side of fear. 🗝 New edition of my newsletter Wild Moon Magic drops tomorrow. ✨
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Have you ever noticed that the simple act of “doing” often leads to so much more? I am always blown away by how simply taking action leads to more opportunities. There have been so many instances in the last six months where I hesitated to take action, but then when I finally did it—took action—magic happened and new opportunities were born instantly. I have had so many examples of this from simple to complex. For example, yesterday I posted a Tarot Reading to my IGTV Channel. Within hours of posting that, I had booked a new client. The other day I went to pick up a juice at a local vegan restaurant and while I was there I made a new connection and we discussed an amazing potential opportunity for me. Each and every time that we take action, Magic happens in some shape or form. That is why it is so important to take action—from the simplest things all the way to the greatest tasks, if we move in the direction of our dreams, the opportunities will multiply continuously and infinitely as we seize them. 🗝🙌🏻👁✨ {Quote by Lao Tzu}
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