The level of beauty at our NYC showroom ❤️ #BertaNYC
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@berta evening line exclusively at #BertaNYC 🖤
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Perfection. No matter who wears it. #BERTA
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This @berta masterpiece ❤️ Available exclusively at #BertaNYC
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Flawless #BertaBride ❤️ @whardwick & @ryanhardwick_ photo by @tarahsweeney
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Which is your favorite in this @berta masterpiece? Cristina, Neta or Gulsina 😘
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Is it even legal to be THAT pretty?? ❤️😍 @golden_barbie in @berta
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@golden_barbie in @berta is seriously as pretty as it gets ❤️❤️ next level stuff.
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