SKIN by Guy Nattiv . I chose to see SKIN during the Berlinale in February because I really like Jamie Bell as an actor and his last movie he was in ( 'Filmstars don't die in Liverpool') was reason enough for me to give this one a go. SKIN is based on the true events by Bryon Widner. You may recognize the name or pictures of him, because there has been several articles and documentaries about him before ('Erase Hate' eg is one if them). And now there is SKIN, first feature film about this guys life. Bryon Widner was member of the 'Hammerskins' a group of white supremacists. He's only known hate, violence and anger in his whole life, but when he meets Julie, he changes and family along with a normal life becomes his priority. He decides to leave his old life behind, but with all the tattoos he's got, even in his face, a new start is more difficult then he thought. And of course his old 'family' is not willing to let him go so easily. But with the help of an organization he can get rid of all his racist tattoos and in exchange for information his family is under protection from the police. Overall this movie is ok, nothing special and not necessarily one I would watch twice. As for the acting : Jamie Bell was better during the second half of the movie, when the story is about his fears and struggles to protect his family. Wearing the tattoos the whole time of shooting might have helped him to get a better connection to his character but the portrayal of the hate driven man who acts violently whenever he can wasn't something I was convinced by. Also the decision to tell the story as a huge flashback which is only disrupted by scenes of the tattoo removal is at some points not the best. Means the movie is loosing quite often its flow and starts to get a bit slow with the narrative. But despite that I really liked the camerawork, colourdesign and lightning. It represented the monotony of a life that is only based on blind hate very accurately. I would say this movie is worth a watch because of Bell but don't expect a drama like American History X. . . . #movielovers #cinemalovers #kino #kritik #review #cin#cinephileunity #cinephile #skinmovie #jamiebell
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