This is big! . Anyone who does just an ounce of research knows that your health is the result of small positive habits you do every day and every week. It’s about lifestyle and your personal choices. . Blue Cross Blue Shield, a US healthcare provider is now issuing a wellness debit card with $250 to spend on proactive wellness supports. . It includes DoTERRA (and no other) essential oils. . This is a wonderful endorsement of the high quality and efficacy of these potent essential oils. . Oils are not a fad, they are a return to natural medicine with the advantage of modern scientific testing and research behind them. doTERRA essential oils are part of the healthcare future. . I am so excited to see where this leads. . Lifestyle medicine if key - invest in the vessel. . . . . . #doterra #doterraza #doterrasouthafrica #essentialoils #healthcare #lifestylemedicine #selfcare #naturalhealth #naturalhealthcare #beproactive #investinthevessel #superhealthyinafrica #thefutureisbright #dailyhabits
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There’s nothing like going through life with others who will love, encourage, support, motivate, & challenge you even when you might not believe in yourself in that moment. Life is going to be hard & throw us curve balls when we least expect it. But having that accountability makes it SO much easier & keeps things exciting 💕 Stepping outside your comfort zone is scary but when you do, nothing can stand in your way 🙌🏼
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👠 vs 👣 Your pick 👇 #toetotoe #loveyourfeet
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When sitting down for hours writing 👩🏼‍💻 #stuffyoudoforyourhips #yogaprehab
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Sometimes I come up with my best ideas while I'm working out. 💪. How do you start your day? #healthandwellness #beproactive #healthandfitness #getmoving
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Would you want to know? 🤔 Wouldn’t you want to know if you had “dirty” genes?🤔 Wouldn’t you want to know if you are predisposed to ailments/diseases your family before you has suffered?🤔 Wouldn’t you want to take proactive measures if the opportunity presented itself?🤔 If you answered yes to any of these questions, we need to chat! 🧬💜🧬 #dirtygenes #nutrigenomics #doyouknow #knowyourhealth #actionablegenes #beproactive #preventativenutrition #daretobeyou
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