19.04.19 - Ben Rector, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver #benrector #fillmoredenver @ben_rector @fillmoreden
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I struggled as I looked through Alex’s pics preparing for her college graduation last week, and I got to these and struggled again. I figure that’s the price I pay for taking pics of you, but as is with my own, it’s a price I’ll gladly pay. You may be nineteen years old now, but his song came to mind. Maybe it’s because I still look at you oftentimes and see that little girl looking back at me waiting to see if Ms. Michelle will look at her and see she needed me for a while. There was something special about those old moments and the newest ones...and something oh, so, magical about you. I know it, and no doubt that your mom and dad knew it when they first laid eyes on you. Know that if you ever need reminding of it, I’ll be right here. Soak up the rest of these senior year moments, and thank you, Zoe Girl, for letting me share in some of them with you. ♥️ #extraordinarymagic #benrector #sentimentalseniorpost
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// The slow moments in Utah
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:: Ben Rector :: Anaheim, CA :: ⠀ #stevendoes26 #stevendoesconcerts
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i believe that there is someone watching over me and i believe that is enough. ‘Cause i believe it don’t make it easy - so i need to know that You can hear me.
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// Thank You for believing in me // So it’s not often or easy to feel apart of a family. For me I haven’t been doing this very long, so it’s hard to believe that someone believed in my work enough for something like this. Not only that, but life’s been really crazy for me. I remember walking into the Ryman night 1 and meeting everyone for the first time being super nervous that I wasn’t good enough to be there surrounded by true legends. Over the last two legs of the magic tour, I’ve made family. These guys brought me in and treated me like I was their family and took very good care of me. I got to know every person and their story, it’s truly an honor to know each person on the team. Thank you to everyone for being encouraging and helping me out if I made a mistake. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of MAGIC: The Tour part 1 and 2. Much love for you guys. I love Jerry too but he doesn’t use Instagram, but he knows. / I can’t wait to see what’s ahead in the future, but I’ll always remember this time on the road. Thank you to everyone that has either followed me on here or sent kind messages as well, your support has been very uplifting.
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